Dr. David Lincoln

A clinical psychologist with specialisation in mind-body connection, an International Master Trainer of NLP, and an accomplished writer…..Dr. David Lincoln is a man endowed with several proficiencies. He enriches the foundation with his inventory of knowledge accumulated from education and training in UK and USA. Books authored by him such as ‘What They’re Doing to Me’ and ‘David’s NLP Manual’ highlight the power of hypnosis and array of alternative therapies.

Abhinav Verma

An IIT alumnus, Abhinav has invested 8 years of his life conducting research in Singapore, Malaysia, USA and Canada. His study aimed to evaluate the potential of brain racking exercises and mind games towards the development of the cognitive faculties and critical thinking. Being an ardent canvasser of the belief… ‘The family who plays together stays together’, he has conceived the unique “Parent Kid Interactive” module. This tool not only strengthens the parent-child bond but also assists in gauging the positive transformation in the personality of the child.

Ruhmmen Kaur

A detail oriented professional with over 13 years of experience in eminent Fortune 500 firms, Ruhmeen Kaur contributes towards the foundation with her valuable insights on Staff Leadership, the evolving dynamics of current market trends and fundamentals of business success. Her humane instincts led her to the path of founding, ‘SAHI – Set up a home Initiative’ in the year 2014 with the intent to serve refugees in the US mainland by providing rehabilitation services such as housing, nourishment, employment assistance and counselling.

Dr. Bhavna Barmi

‘Reach, assist and care….’ With this passionate phrase etched in her heart, Dr. Bhavna Barmi endeavours to develop an Indian society that grows holistically and is accomplished to nurture the future generation. She holds the designation of a Sr. Clinical Psychologist at Fortis Escorts Hospital and is on the panel of with several reputed organisations. Her paradigm of work ranges from spearheading national women and girl child empowerment movements to workshops in prestigious educational institutions to rendering consultation on television channels like CNN IBN, Star Plus, and Pragya TV.

Sushil Mehrotra

An electronics engineer and a certified trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Sushil upholds the faith that ‘Nothing is Impossible’. With this firm belief, he has invested 25 years of his life in the realm of training and service delivery. His quest with regards to human potential made him experiment in real life situations and unfolded exemplary results. The hypothesis reveals that there is possibility of complete metamorphosis of human personality that could facilitate realisation of one’s dreams in any domain.

Col (Retd) Himanshu R. Saxena

No one can conceptualise and comprehend the dynamics of Leadership, Human Resource, Training, Strategy and Operations more than a man in uniform. As an Organizational Learning & Consulting Expert, Col (Retd) Himanshu R. Saxena adds wealth of his diverse assets and cross functional expertise to the foundation. While on rolls of the Indian Army; he earned the opportunity to be the Chief People Officer deputed by the United Nations in Africa. In the civil street, he gave shape to his dreams as the Founder & CEO of Mavrik Consulting & Training- an Organizational Learning & Consulting initiative, targeted to bridge the gap between Corporations and Academia. He is inherently blessed with virtues of being an avid leader, a prolific orator and a skilled writer.

Thomas Bain

Founder and currently the Dean of the International School of Project Management in Delhi, Thomas Bain is a man of immense intrinsic worth. His career profile is laden with diverse accreditations of being an Adviser and Project Manager at the European Commission; an Administrator of Management Education at World’s Best Management Institute - the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Lausanne; the Founder and first Administrator of the Budapest Institute for Graduate International and Diplomatic Studies (BIGIS) - the Top International Relations Institute in Hungary; a Lecturer at the University of Economics (now known as the Corvinus University), Budapest; and a Research Assistant at the University of Geneva.