Change is the only constant element in life. The most vital and fundamental change that human beings should seek is change demanded from oneself! The reason that we at times are unable to achieve the aspired is that our bar is not compatible with the goals. Do not be apprehensive to raise the bar for the fear of failure. You may not achieve success in the very first endeavour but do not give up trying….do not let go of your perseverance….do not be ashamed to fall and get up once again. Accepting the ordinary will never make you great!

You will be surprised to know that unconsciously at several levels, we all accept and welcome the rising bar of expectations. For Example, Mathematics commences from grade Nursery and continues till grade 12 but each year the bar or standard of complication rises. Similarly, the self management level of a child varies from that of an adolescent and again differs from an adult. At each age and juncture of life, human beings exhibit a different standard of physical, cognitive and emotional development.

As parents, facilitate the path of success for your children by motivating them to constantly raise their bar. Be it academics, special talents, relationships or goals in life

  • Help your children identify and nurture their strengths.
  • Inspire and support them to expect more, promise more, achieve more and deliver more.
  • Teach them to never be scared of failures but only to fear complacency and stagnancy.
  • Recognise, appreciate and applaud their success. Positive feedback enhances the willingness to explore and experiment with new ideas and objectives.
  • Let them not bask in the success of a solitary feat for long.
  • Motivate them to expand their vision, widen their horizon and set yet another higher goal.
  • Most importantly, if they fail an attempt, feel stressed or face fatigue; say nothing just give a warm hug!

Raise the bar…..Rise up to the bar…..Witness your dreams transform into reality!