‘When you know what you want, the entire universe conspires with you to realise it!’

Gurleen Kaur is Founder of Skills for Life Foundation, an organization dedicated since the year2009 in assisting adolescents & Young People to Discover the Extraordinary in them through 'Leadership & Life Skills' program run by International School of Leadership under the aegis of SFLF.

A true visionary and philanthropist at heart, Gurleen Kaur is driven by passion to enrich the lives of adolescents, youth, parents & educators towards Personal Empowerment.

Being a doctorate in Psychotherapy and Counselling, Gurleen Kaur comes with a repertoire of experience. Her career profile encompasses being the head of a Senior Secondary School in Delhi for several academic years. During this tenure, she closely examined the shifting dynamics in the education scenario. The realisation of adding supplementary value to academics loomed large on her being. She perceived the grave need of taking education beyond the four walls of the classroom and pages of prescribed text to create an education more germane and compatible to real life situations, an education that equips children at the right age with tools of Leadership and Life Skills so that they are competent enough to combat the struggles of life and avoid the pitfalls during the journey.

Skills for Life Foundation

In the year 2009, Gurleen Kaur established Skills for Life Foundation under the Societies Act of India to fulfil her dream of imparting Leadership & Life Skills education to children, across different age groups ranging between 3 and 24 years.

The journey has been arduous. However, she forged ahead with a ‘Never Say Die’ attitude and relentless conviction to fill the vacuum existing in the present education system. She faced many struggles, thwarted many obstacles, changed several stereotypes to finally give shape to the present face of the organization.

The mandatory inclusion of Life Skills Education in schools by the CBSE is a testimony to her unshakable belief. With this decision, a dream that she envisaged a decade ago saw light and life skills education obtained its befitting place in our education system.


Her consistent endeavours received public accreditation in the guise of two prestigious awards in the year 2015. She was recently honoured with the International Humanitarian Award by Peace Society worldwide in association with IBAM and Indian Education Award 2015, for ‘The Most Innovative After School Education’ by Indian Education Congress. However, Gurleen Kaur has never learnt to stand still or merely bask in the glory of her past laurels. With the spirit of igniting fire within each child and not merely filling the pail of knowledge, she moves ahead with gratitude towards yet another goal of fortifying the new generation……