Skills for life foundation


To assist young people from all spectrums of society and enable them to realize their true Potential, strengthen their Skills for Life and Empower them to Lead a Happy, Successful & Powerful life.


Since its inception in the year 2009, Skills for Life Foundation has been on a mission to become a National Model to impart Emotional Literacy, inculcate relevant Leadership & Life Skills to Empower Youth of our nation. Towards the realization of this mission, in the last 7 years, SFLF has focused not only on children that are born with access to the right education and amenities; but also taken under its umbrella, children of the under served section of our society who truly need motivation and direction.

‘Our Future lies in creating Divergent thinkers not clones’

With every passing year, challenges the new generation stands to face escalate multi-fold! In fact, even routine life brings to the surface obstacles that catch us unaware or crop up when least expected! While the school curriculum and classroom learning equip a young learner with assets of earning a living, the question we need to ask is are we creating divergent thinkers or clones?

Our education system is definitely creating sound competitive individuals with immense memorization potential but unfortunately our education today definitely lacks the potential to fortify our Young people with abilities to Think, Innovate, Invent and Lead to generate solutions in order to overcome obstacles and avoid pitfalls during the journey of life.

During the formative years when the creativity of young minds and their adaptability is at its peak we confine them to a virtual world alienating them from the real world; the world that encompasses high and low tides that require them to be Courageous, intrinsically Wise, Emotionally strong, Effective in Communication, spontaneous in Decision Making, and resilient in Thought and Action. In unison, all these attributes fall under the umbrella of a magical appendage of learning termed as Leadership & Life Skills.

Skills for life Foundation stands tall to contribute to this paradigm shift in the educational world scenario and substantiates that Education can only be termed complete and holistic if it is able to attain the right equilibrium between academics and Life Skills. Academics, Leadership skills and Life Skills must go hand in hand to empower each and every child to realize and augment his/her complete and true intrinsic worth.

Skills for Life foundation as an institution is working with a vision to create divergent thinkers, innovators and instill creative Leadership and Life skills in each Youth of our Nation and stand tall to the legacy of innovation, values, culture and the Leadership demonstrated by India in the previous centuries because that’s what makes us stand apart from the rest of the world.

We are a proud Nation embraced with rich heritage, culture and value system, a Nation where innovation was the mantra, Leadership was at its epitome and the world used to look at India as a land of geniuses, spiritualism, Values, heritage and knowledge.

As a nation this is what we are. Let us not forget our own uniqueness and fall into the trap of creating nothing but clones